About our Services
Our Services
Lychee fruit bar continuously strives to raise service and convenience standards. having been operating F & B outlets for over 4 years has reiterated the importance of understanding our client’s needs and emphasized how to serve these needs through direct con¬tact. Lychee’s outlets have been a platform to analyze consumer preferences and behaviors, in and out of seasons, yearly junctures and occasions. Thus, lychee as a supplier offers a wider range of products that fit the market’s gaps more efficiently. In other words, lychee’s workforce becomes well in¬formed of the needs of the operations hence extensively works on smoothing this process for partners that wish to collaborate with lychee.
Event sponsorship and attendance are very important to reach potential customers in your target market, and that is why we aim to participate in several food and beverage related events such as:
First Mall, Four Seasons Hotel, Cairobites, Baron Palace and Taste of Zamalek, Aquarium Grotto Garden

In terms of charity, we work hand in hand with a reputable NGO Mashroo3 Kheir. in collaboration with the organization, we offer promotions on certain Lychee products and the proceeds go to fundraising charity activities.
Lychee started its B2B supply in December 2015. Our first partnership as a supplier was with ExxonMobil in their new chain, The Way To Go and Lemon Tree & Co. is yet the most recent collaboration.
Our plan in 2017 is to expand our B2B to include airlines, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.