About The Company
Quality & Consistency
Values & Responsibilities
About the company
Our mission:
Our mission is to satisfy people’s need for a healthy lifestyle; committed to providing premium quality products.

On the 31st of December 2012, Lychee Fruit Bar started with a blender and an idea to
make living a healthy life easier and more accessible to people. Today, Lychee
operates 14 branches in various locations including Zamalek, Maadi, City Stars, Cairo
Festival City, El Gouna, Lake House, Heliopolis Sporting Club, Gezira Sporting Club, Procter &
Gamble, all Vodafone headquarters and operates 2 seasonal branches in the north coast. Lychee’s menu offers
wholesome juices and snacks for their customers including Lychee’s homemade
Greek yogurt, protein shakes, super food smoothies, eat line sandwiches and salads
and more.
Recently Lychee has also expanded its operations introducing its very own homegrown market offering
peanut butter, almond butter and almond milk.
As each year passes, Lychee engulfs new managerial and functional strategies to
satisfy Lychee’s 5 golden rules that distinguish Lychee in its market; different, more
consistent, healthier, richer and better quality.

Quality & Consistency
Lychee’s quality control manager audits on all suppliers and production halls, setting the standards for either accepting or rejecting products from suppliers, thus eliminating defective goods to the minimum. Internally, the quality control manager sets the standards for manufacturing, thus certifying that every item going in and out of the factory is quality-checked, furthermore, training the factory workers on safety and quality with HACCP.

Moreover, the 5 story factory, sized 1500m squared, embraces a diverse set of product lines and machines, including a washing machine for fruits and vegetables that takes the ingredients through Jacuzzi pubs then through belts where they are washed with purified water pumps then dried with air blowers. Further¬more, the factory is equipped with a walk-in fridge and 2 walk-in freezers. One freezer is employed to store the raw products, and another one is employed for the final product so as to attain the ISO standards with regard to the fact that raw material must be separated from processed foods to eliminate bacterial or macrobiotic transmission.
To ensure the highest possible quality and safety for our goods, we started operating with one of the best water filters manufactured.

The 3 m impact 4-cartidge system, compressed into a one-filter cartridge effectively eliminates 99.99% of water-borne bacteria whilst saving up to 25% of energy for a more sustainable and environment-friendly performance. Lychee employs this water filtration apparatus due to the integrated membrane pre-activated carbon technology (I.M.P.A.C.T) equipped in the system. Impact meets the standards of water clarity, decontamination, ice and specialty beverages, in addition to cyst and bacteria reduction with high durability and purification of small sediment particles and lead. Our water filters are major contributors in lychee to sustain and reduce energy whilst controlling and maintaining product superiority.
Finally, whilst lychee’s products are being delivered from the factory to the branches, the items are transported in refrigerated trucks to ensure there are no fluctuations in temperature to deliver the freshest and safest products to customers.
Values & Responsibilities

Lychee’s team neither operates on business incentives nor strives to merely sell products; instead we aim at selling meaningful ideas and lifestyle concepts. In our production process, we stay true to our mission since the starting points to the end points of all processes involved in providing our customers with superior value. We bear in mind the value proposition that we operate on starting from the roots of soil in which we extract our raw materials all the way to the packaging of our finalized goods. We take the utmost responsibility for the health of our customers as well as the environment that surrounds us.

Not only do we attempt to provide health-enriched products, we also follow healthy procedures in all operations undergone.

We stand responsible for our community, by constantly making it our objective to give back whenever we are granted the opportunity. We also claim responsibility for all the earthly elements of our environment, and this is also evident in our packaging mechanism and material used.